Zoom 27th May

For the zoom call of the 27th May please watch video 3 30 minutes long and read pages 14-17 of the Advanced resource for Prophets.

Zoom 10th June

Video 5 is 15 minutes long and read the remaining part of the resource, from 1.5 to the end.

Equipping the saints
Supernatural lifestyle
Giving a prophetic word
School of the prophets example
Vision for Company of Prophets within Empowering Europe


Videos 2 and 4. These videos combined are 45 minutes and please read the Advanced Resource pages 10-13 and 18-20.

Video 1 is 30 minutes long and it looks at processing prophetic words. The pages to read are 1-9 of the resource.

On windows, you can download the videos and files by clicking the download button. On IOS, open in a new window and then save to your computer.