Simultaneous Interpreting

An interpreter who works in simultaneous mode interprets what the speaker is says as he/she is speaking, with a delay of several seconds. The meaning of what has been said is conveyed to the audience in another language, when they do not speak the language of the orator. Interpreters take it in turn to interpret, working together as a team. 

Consecutive Interpreting

This mode of interpreting can be used at smaller meetings at conferences or in bilateral meetings or business meetings. The interpreter conveys the meaning of what has been said after one of the parties has spoken for a few minutes. The interpreter will take notes of the key words and structure and tell the other party involved in the meeting what has just been said. The process repeats itself for both sides until the meeting is concluded.   

Language Combinations

Italian into English and English into Italian
French into English and English into French
French into Italian and Italian into French

Types of Conferences

BeRealigned interprets at Christian conferences, church meetings, business meetings, training courses, informal meetings where an interpreter is needed and at international conferences. Other types of interpreting can be requested as needed.