Life Coaching

Realigned Life

Realigned Life is a programme which helps you bring balance to your life. It is designed to cater for your needs, circumstances and goals. Be inspired to grow,  develop, find strategy and direction to take you forward to become the person you were created to be.

Coaching in Low Vision Awareness

Eye to Eye Aware

This project aims to remove barrier people with sight loss or low vision face trying to secure longterm employment. Its goal is to train and coach employers so they feel completely at ease employing someone with low vision or sight loss.
Aspects of what it is like to live with sight loss are explained. Common misunderstandings are tackled and people’s potential and specific requirements to carry out their role are explained. 
The goal is to enable barriers to be overcome and more people being able to find their place in society, working alongside others in a working environment. Employers can do so much to change this reality given the right information and coaching.